“Too many cooks…” a common aphorism we hope has been finally proven wrong. Located in the heart of Williamsburg, this shop is the result of collaboration between Rob Herschenfeld and Chris Rucker of Ar & Dee and Chris Gentile, owner of Pilgrim Surf & Supply. Whether it was the choice of materials, layout of the space, or fixture aesthetic, this project succeeded in uniting our visions and sensibilities to become a sum greater than its parts.
The harmony of materials, from the 150 year old hemlock flooring to the southern yellow pine displays (made from the original structure of the building), to the slabs of honey locust as display tables, speaks volumes about their shared design commitment. Chris Gentile’s vision for a Scandinavian beach house motif fit perfectly the overall product line and local vibe, and gave us a direction in developing a simple vernacular that would stand in quiet relief to the vibrant colors and forms of Pilgrim’s product line.